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Honoring military service through meaningful employment is a complex and challenging opportunity.  With the best of intentions, the public and private sectors have delivered thousands of independent solutions in trying to meet the needs of veterans and their families, often creating confusion, fragmentation and redundancy of services.

At this critical inflection point in our nations history, we believe, a DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE is the greater vision.  UNITY IN APPROACH, RADICAL TRANSPARENCY and DEEPER, MORE MEANINGFUL COLLABORATION, birthing NATIONAL CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE is THE solution that will profoundly impact this next generation of heroes and our nation.

For the greater good of our country and veterans, this practice, to include all of our strategic partners will lead from the front in elevating these values and differentiating our contributions with this big picture in mind.  

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Strategic Partnerships

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Bridging the Gap

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Employer Focused

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Strategic Partnerships

A Team of One - An Alliance of Many

How Work Gets Done

As an HR talent management consulting firm, the rise of the freelance, independent workforce, is upon us. The ability to assemble and scale subject matter expertise, quickly, with other consulting firms, IS THE competitive advantage in a global economy.  The business value of "Small as the New Big"  is the new force multiplier, delivering, faster, better, cheaper in speed to market.   Our extensive networks help drive this scalability with customized solutions.

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Bridging The Gap


The Mission of Accelerating Veteran Employment

Bridging the cultural gaps and language barriers between civilians and military veterans is a significant challenge.  Our unique "Talent Advocacy" high value, high touch approach, aligned and integrated to an organizations employee lifecycle is the foundation that accelerates veteran employment.  Building quality relationships that influence timely employment decisions is key.

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Building Talent Demand


Driving business case on the value of veterans through an evidence based approach, presenting actionable research, mapping talent to best fits, influencing hiring managers through effective alignment and integration.

Building Sourcing Capability


Transferring knowledge and best practices that accelerate attraction, sourcing, acquisition and growing talent pipelines; drive deep subject matter expertise, creating a culture of action, results and continuous improvement.

Building Business Value


Create additional value by aligning and integrating your veteran employment program to your business through branding activities with customers, clients, partnerships and corporate social responsibility.

Telling The Story


Advance the growth and sustainability of your veteran employment program by telling compelling veteran success stories leveraging infrastructure and veteran colleagues.

Meeting Facilitation


Master facilitator with superior platform skills and expertise in group dynamics; emcee duties, panel discussion leader  with ability to navigate and consistently exceed meeting objectives.

Public Speaking


Visionary and inspirational talks on:

  1. Veteran Employment - Programs, Approach & Effective Strategies
  2. Veteran Transition - Preparation, Employer Perspectives and Insights
  3. Veteran Advocacy - Counter-culture Perspectives and Insights
  4. National Centers of Excellence - Future State of the "Military Space"
  5. PTS"G"rowth - A Soldier's Story - Breaking the Broken Warrior Narrative

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